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By servicing your car regularly you are ensuring that your car runs efficiently, reliably and most importantly safely. The relatively small incremental expense of servicing can save you thousands in repair bills and help retain the value of your investment.

The scheduled services primary purpose is to maintain the vital mechanical components of your vehicle and to highlight any potential issues that might arise in the future.

Manufacturers set the service interval to be inline with the technical specifications of your particular vehicle. This is the reason why service intervals can be vastly different from each make and model.

What happens to your car if you skip a service?

The key areas that deteriorate when you skip a scheduled service are the engine, brakes, tyres, steering & suspension and electronic systems.


The two main factors that give an engine longevity are the lubrication system (oil, oil pumps, oil filters and piping) and the cooling system (coolant, water pump, radiator and piping).

Lubrication System: Oil and oil filters are often the first items to be addressed in a scheduled service. Oils are designed to reduce the amount of friction between the internals of an engine. Friction is detrimental to the overall efficiency of an engine. Motor oils allow these vital components to slide past each other, reducing the amount of friction between them. This also helps increase the life of these components.

Like milk, oil has a use-by-date which can be measured by distance (x amount of kms) or time (x amount of months). Manufacturers set these limits to coincide with the servicing period. When oil goes past it’s use-by-date it’s ability to reduce friction is diminished. By not changing the oil these parts can wear out which can lead to catastrophic failure. Most vehicles will indicate when a service is necessary by displaying a warning on the dash, this is the best indicator that you need to book in for a service.

Cooling System: This system is designed to keep the engine at the optimum operating temperature by pumping coolant around the engine. If the engine is either too cool or too hot the engine will not run efficiently. If the engine runs too hot, the parts inside the engine may expand to the point of failure and potentially resulting in an engine rebuild. A scheduled service will ensure that the cooling system is operating as the manufacturer intended.

Skipping Service


Brakes are critical to driver and occupant safety. The main components in the braking system are the brake pads, calipers and discs, all of which require constant monitoring to ensure long life and braking performance.

Brake pads are the primary consumable in the braking system. Brake pads come into direct contact with brake discs to slow the vehicle down. The caliper acts like a clamp to press the brake pad against the face of the disc to slow the vehicle down. Brake pads are designed to wear down and eventually be replaced. Brake pads are relatively inexpensive to replace.

By skipping your scheduled service you are running the risk of the brake pads wearing down so much, that caliper comes into direct contact with the surface of the disc. Metal on metal contact will cause excessive wear on the critical braking components which may need a complete overhaul. A scheduled service will ensure that these parts are wearing evenly and will stop or slow the vehicle safely.

Brakes Skipping


The tyres are the only part of a vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. Often overlooked, tyres are one of the most important safety features a car has. In an avoidance situation the tyres provide the grip to turn, slow down and stop. Tyres do this in all weather conditions. Tyres are designed to wear as they deal with the varied levels of grip on different surfaces.

Aside from fuel, they are the most consumable element of the car, which is why they need constant monitoring. The key to longevity in tyres is to ensure that they wear evenly. Car service centers have the correct tools to inspect the wear rate of each tyre. Each car make and model use the tyre differently so it is important to keep up to date with your car’s scheduled serving to ensure that your tyres are safe.

Tyre Skipping

Steering & Suspension

Directly linking the car body to the tyre and braking systems is the steering and suspension.

Steering provides the driver with controls to operate the vehicle. The driver ultimately dictates the safety of the occupants and themselves. Steering alignment is key to ensuring that the driver can control the car safely.

Suspension is designed to absorb imperfections in the road surface while allowing the tyre to maintain contact with the road surface. Suspension works hard to do this and

In time, parts can wear out and may need attention or replacement. Constant monitoring of suspension ensures that these parts have a long life.

Suspension geometry is also vital to the life of the tyre. By skipping a scheduled service you are potentially putting this geometry ascue which can result in tyre wear issues. Service centers have specialist equipment to ensure that steering and suspension operate optimally.

 Steering Skipping    


Modern cars are becoming more sophisticated, with this comes the reliance on electronics to make sure the vehicle runs safely and efficiently. Aside from controlling vital elements like windscreen wipers, indicators and brake lights, electronics ensure that the mechanical parts of a car operate as the manufacturer intended.

Cars are now fitted with more sensors than ever. These sensors detect issues before they turn into bigger problems down the track. Issues of immediate or major concern are often displayed to the driver via the dash. But, some issues are not displayed to the driver and are stored onto the onboard computers.

If you skip a scheduled service these issues may not be addressed and could cause further harm to your vehicle. Qualified service technicians are trained to use diagnostic equipment to read, interpret and address any issues.

Electronics Skipping

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