I am told that I don't need to get my new car serviced at the selling dealer and that these companies will stamp my log book. Can this affect me?

Certainly, whilst manufacturers have a specific warranty - 3 years, 5 years with specific kilometres or unlimited kilometres, what happens if something goes wrong in the first year outside of the warranty?

If you've been having your car serviced by the franchise dealer where you bought your car, it is likely that the manufacturer will approve an out of warranty claim. The dealer can push the point since you've been a loyal customer. Too many customers with a problem out of warranty declined because they thought they'd save money by servicing with an aftermarket service centre. Before you commit one way or the other, why don't you do a price check? You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

How do I know that your prices are competitive and genuine?

Simply ring our experienced service team, 07 32495277 (Wynnum) and check out the competitive prices. We're open and accountable with our pricing. Shop around and compare – we know that you'll find that we're on the money as far as price is concerned.

Why do dealerships seem more expensive than other service centres?

A dealer will service and maintain vehicles as set out by the manufactures recommendations to protect your new car warranty. We're always willing to match other service providers as long as we are comparing “like for like”. Your individual circumstances can be taken into account in regard to changing some filters and coolants etc. We also have factory trained technicians and have the support of specialised equipment and of course the relevant factory support. There are many other reasons such as resale value and when it comes to a trade in price, car retailers always look at maintained service books and especially if they have been serviced by a dealer.

Why should I buy genuine parts & accessories?

Made by manufacturer is to meet their standard, high quality, correct fitment, covered by warranty.

Do I have to service with you guys?

You don't as long as the service centre you chose is warranty work approved, but we would like to think you would use us, as all our techs are highly trained to service your car. And should you choose to upgrade in the future we would offer you a far better affordable price because we would know the history of your car.

Where can I find the correct tyre pressures for my vehicle?

Every Brand of vehicle has the Tyre pressure stickers giving the recommended tyre pressures for the specific vehicle. These can be in different places depending on the brand or model. The best way to find the location of this sticker on your car is to consult the owner's manual.

What sort of petrol should I or can I use in my vehicle?

You should always consult your owner's manual to find the correct type of fuel specific to your vehicle. Many manufacturers recommend different types of petrol for each model and the recommendation should be adhered to.

My wheels are vibrating - what's making it do that?

Wheels on your car rotate at very high speeds. If the wheels and tyres have not been balanced this may cause whole car to vibrate causing a very unpleasant ride.

Why does my car pull to the left?

If your car is pulling to the left (or right) there can be 2 issues. The first is that it may need a wheel alignment. When the wheels (generally the front wheels) have hit a pothole, a gutter or kerb, the mechanicals in the front suspension can ‘bump' out. A wheel alignment recalibrates the suspension allowing the vehicle to track the way it's meant to. This is called a front and rear wheel alignment.

The only other way that a car can pull left or right is due to the camber of the road. Roads are built so that they don't hold water when it rains. Accordingly, the 'lean' left or right. Occasionally and particularly with light steering, it can feel that the car wants to move left or right.

Pollen filters are fitted to cars. How often should I change them and why?

Pollen filter should be changed every 30k. They filter the outside air coming in through the vehicle ventilation system of many outside contaminants. They become clogged with these contaminants causing the air quality in the cabin to diminish.