5 Reasons Why The Astra Sedan Beats a Civic

Holden Astra

The Holden Astra sedan and the Honda Civic – both 2017 releases, and both excellent cars. It’s great news for drivers, but not so great for buyers. Why? Because making a choice between the two isn’t all that easy.

Until now, that is. Despite being neck-and-neck in the race for many Australian car buyers, we reckon the Astra has the upper hand for 5 key reasons. And they’re far from little things as well – they could massively impact the experience you get from your new car. So, why is the Astra Sedan the shining star of Australia’s car market?

5 Reasons the Holden Astra Sedan Comes out on Top

Read on to find out exactly why the Astra beats the Civic, as well as why you should consider it for your next car:

Holden Astra

1) You avoid paying for the badge

The value that brand-name badge provides is in most cases a personal decision. When you get down to it, however, most would agree that it’s what’s under the hood that matters when considering a purchase.

When push comes to shove with the Honda Civic, it looks like what you’re actually paying for is that shiny badge on the grille. The Civic shares many of the same features as the Holden Astra sedan, but the price tag is a serious mark-up. On top of that, there are areas the car can’t even compete in, which we’ll cover in a bit more detail in later on.

The standard model Holden Astra sedan comes into the market at $20,490, with the best of the best VX-R 2.0 litre model topping off at $39,990. As always, if you consider a second-hand purchase, you can expect to knock some numbers off this price.

The Honda Civic 2017 starts at a price of $22,190, with the top-level price for the Type-R model soaring over $50,000. That’s a lot of money for an inner-city hatchback.

Holden Astra

2) Safety isn’t an optional extra

Having previously having been renowned for their primary focus on driver safety, Honda have dropped the ball a little with the new Civic. Although you can get everything you need added onto your model, that’s exactly what it’ll have to be – an add-on.

Both cars come with touch screens, 6 airbags, automatic headlights and Bluetooth/USB/AUX connections as standard, but for certain safety features with the Honda Civic, you’ll be expected to pay extra.

This will be to the despair of certain buyers, as the Civic’s price is already around a $2,000 mark-up on that of the Holden Astra Sedan. If you want to get your hands on essential safety features such as automatic braking systems in the Civic, you’ll have to fork over extra cash to upgrade to the $33,590 VLi-LX model.

Out of 23 primary safety features in modern cars, such as reverse camera, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring, the Holden Astra had 18 of them. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Holden Astra

3) You’ll have much more room to breathe

Okay, they’re two different classes of cars. And naturally, that’s going to present some glaring differences. Fortunately, if you’re leaning toward the sedan, you’re going to come off better. Since it’s longer, the Holden Astra sedan carries with it a little extra leg room when compared to the 2017 Honda Civic.

It’s one of those benefits you don’t realise you could do with until you’re having to go without it. If you’ve got kids on the cusp of potential, sudden growth spurts, a small car like the Honda Civic might get a whole lot smaller, real fast. By settling on a larger vehicle that’s still within the same price range as the Holden Astra sedan, you’ll give your (not so) little ones added space and also find room for other things like excess shopping and school bags.

Holden Astra

4) It’s just plain faster

Plain and simple – in on road tests, the Holden Astra sedan comes out on top when it comes down to speed. This is typical for sedans, as they usually have larger, more powerful engines than their hatch counterparts. Despite this, the fuel efficiency stats don’t fall where you’d expect them to.

The Holden Astra sedan’s manual model brings home a Hyundai-i30-esque 5.8 litres/100km – an impressive score. The Civic, however, came in at 6.4litres/100km meaning if you settle for it over the Astra, you’ll be spending a bit more time (and money) stood at petrol pumps, instead of hitting the open road.

Holden Astra

5) It looks awesome

While the Honda Civic’s meaty, boisterous and sporty looks might appeal to some, the Holden Astra Sedan has a modern aesthetic that’s resonating well. Its mainstream, objective and classic good looks leave you with a design you’ll be happy to see sat in your driveway.

It doesn’t end with a charming exterior, either. Step inside the Holden Astra Sedan and you’ll see just how succinctly design has been combined with efficiency and comfort. This makes the Astra the clear choice for Australian car buyers hungry for an alternative to the rough and rugged looks of the Honda Civic.

See the Differences for Yourself

Internet research serves to give you an excellent overview of both cars, but there’s only one real way to gain a true, behind-the-wheel perspective. You guessed it – a test drive. Get in touch with us today to book in your free 24 hour Holden Astra sedan test drive, and really find out why it should be your next car.

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