2017 Holden Astra Sedan vs. the Kia Cerato

Holden Astra

Holden have yet again gripped the Australian automotive market with their newest entry – the European-inspired Astra Sedan. Several attractive deals on the new 4-door vehicle have graced showrooms in the wake of its release, seeing a multitude of keen car buyers registering their interest.

One question, however, still comes to mind. What’s the big deal with the Holden Astra Sedan? And, more importantly, how does it measure up against other market category contenders such as the eagerly anticipated Kia Cerato?

In this piece, we pit the two of them against each other to give you the information you need to decide between the two. Read on to find out more.

Kia Cerato

Shortly after entering the market, the Cerato firmly gripped the reins from some of its strongest competitors. Here are some of its biggest strengths, as well as its greatest weaknesses:

Holden Astra


Great suspension

It’s simple. Smooth rides are a commodity for many Australian car buyers, especially when vehicles are used both for city and country roads. With the Kia Cerato, you don’t have to worry about the lumps and bumps, as its great suspension will ensure a smooth drive every time.


Next to its awesome suspension comes general ride comfort – and Kia have done a great job. The Cerato features comfortable, plush leather interiors guaranteed to make both driver and passengers feel at home – no matter where the road might be taking them.

Easy drive

Running late for work on a Monday morning with grumpy kids in the back doesn’t leave much mental strength left over. The last thing you need is a car that tries to drive back. This isn’t an issue with the Kia Cerato, as it provides an effortless, smooth ride that’ll keep you relaxed behind the wheel.

Holden Astra


No auto-braking

For modern-age cars, this con is a biggie. When trying to contend with such hot market competition, you’d expect the Kia to come through with automatic emergency braking – especially when it’s a safety feature that comes as standard in the majority of modern vehicles.

It’s a massive reassurance for city drivers, so if you’re safety-conscious when on the road, there are cars with better features for your money.

Engine is outdated

Don’t be deceived by the Kia’s shiny exterior – under the hood, it’s a different story. Sadly, the engine in the Kia Cerato doesn’t impress and with only 6 cogs sitting between it in the engine, a number of key performance issues arise.

In addition to a slower overall speed, the Kia Cerato is also pretty fuel-hungry. The standard four-cylinder 2.0L model consumes a high 7.1L/100km, making if far less efficient than those in a similar league such the 2017 Ford Focus hatchback (which gets an impressive 5.8L/100km).

Low Quality Interior

Okay, the Cerato isn’t trying to contend with the likes of Porsche, but having sturdy, high-quality interior elements is still an expectation in the market.

Many of the materials in this Kia model have been chosen for their durability, such as the plastic dash and control, however this unfortunately comes at an aesthetic price.

Holden Astra Sedan

Not everybody loves hatchbacks – and that’s old news to Holden. Alongside the launch of their popular hatchback model also came the Sedan, and it’s taken Australia by storm for its added comfort, spacious interior and smoother drive.

Holden Astra


Well priced

When it comes to the numbers on the tag, the Astra Sedan definitely contends with the Kia Cerato. With entry-level models starting at $20,490, compared to the fractionally lower $19,990 for the Cerato, you’re getting a whole lot more bang for your buck.

For example, the cheaper priced Cerato doesn’t include some modern (and in our eyes, vital) safety features such as lane departure and forward collision warning, meaning the Astra Sedan is the better choice if you’re after added security on the road.


Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Astra Sedan – for busy parents or young professionals accustomed to long commutes - is the added leg, arm and head room. You can easily drive around for hours in comfort, without feeling like you’re crammed in.

The same goes for the taller drivers amongst us – whilst you might usually struggle in hatchbacks, the Astra gives you comparatively more room than most, meaning you’re set for a more comfortable drive if you’re still after a compact car.

Comfortable ride

Despite having a bigger engine than its hatchback equivalent, the Holden Astra Sedan is a seriously smooth ride. If you’re accustomed to growing frustrated at loud cars, this could be the one for you. Even at higher speeds or on rougher surfaces, the Sedan holds its ground and remains quiet and comfortable to drive.

The same, sadly, can’t be said for the Kia Cerato. Its outdated engine means the car struggles on bumpier roads, and both the tyres and engine kick up some noise when hitting higher speeds.


Holden Astra

Possibly less attractive than a hatchback

We all know it – looks are subjective. But objectively speaking, it’s easy to see why drivers might think the typical hatchback styling of the Kia Cerato is more attractive than the stretched looks of the Sedan.

If you know you like longer, more spacious cars that offer smoother rides, however, you shouldn’t rule out the Astra entirely, as it may well be the better option for you.

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