All-New Holden Commodore Myths

All-New Holden Commodore Myths

With the launch of the all-new Commodore just around the corner, there has been a lot of speculation about its design and functionality. We've taken a bunch of these myths and burst them wide open to prove that there's more to Holden’s reimagined icon than some may think.

Myth 1: Power only comes from the rear wheels.

Holden’s new commodore is available as both a turbo charged 4 cylinder front wheel or an advanced V6 all-wheel drive system. According to Holden, the powerful V6 engine* channels 235kW and 381Nm to all four wheels, with torque distributed exactly where it’s needed for superior power, grip and safety in all conditions.

Even when maneuvering around tight corners, Holden's advanced AWD uses preemptive torque vectoring to constantly monitor your driving style and send torque to the correct wheels, for confidence and excitement around every twist and turn.

*available in selected models

All-New Holden Commodore Myths

Myth 2: It's a lot smaller than before.

This small rumor has been circling around big time! But when we looked into the all-new Commodore specs, the only noticeable difference is the sleek sloping roofline of the Liftback which leaves 12mm less headroom than earlier models. We’re talking millimeters here, so the overall dimensions are very similar to the current Commodore.

All-New Holden Commodore Myths

Myth 3: It can't be both drivable and versatile.

The all-new Commodore Tourer says otherwise. There is plenty of boot space to fit all of your gear (560 litres with the rear seats up or 1665 litres down). And once you set off, All-Wheel Drive gives you all the power and grip you need, no matter where you’re headed!

Myth 4: It's not built for Australian roads.

Although the new Commodore was designed and built in Germany, Holden promises that this is their most technically advanced Commodore ever, and that it has been adapted specifically for Australian roads. In fact, Holden engineers have clocked over a hundred thousand kilometres of local testing to fine-tune features like the suspension, steering and stability controls, and ensure crucial additions like V6 All-Wheel Drive.

All-New Holden Commodore Myths

Myth 5: It has to be big to be powerful.

Holden reckons better beats bigger when it comes to the new 2-litre turbo petrol engine. It’s the fastest and most powerful entry level engine ever offered in a Commodore. With 191kW/350Nm through the front wheels, the all-new Commodore has more power than the 3-litre V6 in the VF Evoke and the same torque as the 3.6-litre V6 in the VF SV6!

All-New Holden Commodore Myths

Myth 6: Holden is leaving motor racing.

Motorsport continues to be a vital part of Holden’s DNA, from the Red Bull Holden Race Team to multiple teams racing Holdens in the Supercars Series. Not only are Colorados set to take to the track this year in the new Super Utes Series – Holden has proposed that the all-new Commodore Supercar will change our expectations of how a supercar ‘should’ look forever. It’s definitely going to be an action-packed year in the world of Motorsport!

We can’t wait to get our hands on the all-new Commodore. If you’re excited too, be sure to register your interest at Bartons Capalaba Holden to get exclusive news and an invitation to our upcoming test drive launch event!

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