Bartons Covid Vaccination Position

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Protecting our Staff & Customers

(Effective Monday 13th December)

  • Bartons have not finalised a permanent Vaccination Policy given the uncertainty and inconsistency of the current Government Regulations.
  • We will be operating with an interim plan that ensures the best possible precautions and protection for all of our customers and staff.
  • 100% Staff working on-site are vaccinated.
  • We will adopt social distancing where possible and where not possible will support mask wearing if people choose (this will not be enforced with the exception of non vaccinated customers inside vehicles).
  • Mandatory Check In will be required in for ALL Customers, Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers - Sales and Service.
  • We respect everyone’s right to choose to be vaccinated so will not enforce vaccination to enter however we hope that everyone choosing to enter Bartons respects our requirement to know.
  • We WILL ask if you are vaccinated at check in. If you do not wish to answer we will still allow you to enter but will assume no vaccination and our staff will take precautions. For clarity we will be allowing non vaccinated customers to still come to Bartons but as outlined we will take extra precautions
  • This is in-line with recommendations by QLD Government for more information:
  • If you are feeling unwell and/or displaying symptoms, please choose to not come to Bartons until such time as you are confident, they are not Covid and/or you are better
  • Every vehicle will be sanitised after every test drive or client interaction
  • Effective Monday 20th December we will require all customers servicing their vehicle not vaccinated (or those who choose to not disclose) to treat their vehicle with a complimentary microbial sanitisation treatment upon arrival – this will take the customer approximately 10-15 minutes whilst you wait with your vehicle. If you require Bartons to complete this an additional charge of only $15 will apply however it is simple to do yourself. This is available as complimentary for all customers.
  • This is not Bartons permanent policy however will be in place until such time as we know what the government will require. We are acting in the best interest of our staff, customers, and their safety. We will continue to seek feedback and be flexible with our position where possible
  • We have received some great feedback of which we will share with our management for continual review of our procedures. We are looking to complete a full review in mid to late January. If you wish to discuss in person please reach out to the Managing Director Mark Beitz –
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