Key Return Registration

There is nothing worse than losing your car keys!

There is nothing worse than losing your car keys, with no way to find them! Now that you have bought from Bartons, we have that problem solved.

When you purchase from Bartons, you are gifted a key return membership as part of the Bartons Loyalty Program. The key return system works by attaching a Bartons keyring to your keys that has an individual serial number allocated to you, so if you lose your keys and some one finds them, they can contact our key return partner who will then contact you to arrange a reunion with your keys.

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We have had so many happy customers who have used the system, read some of their experiences below.

“Keys found at Rolly Chapman Reserve, Upper Mt Gravatt. Contacted Paula and she was so very pleased to receive our call as she was at the Reserve retracing her steps as she knew she had lost her keys and could not drive the car without them. The finder was a local person, so Paula was instructed to go to a house near the park to collect the keys. IKR stayed on the phone with Paula (as she was on her own) until she had arrived at the home and collected the keys. Paula was so thankful for our assistance and service.”

“Keys hand into lost property at Trans Dev at Capalaba. This is a bus company as keys were found on one of their buses. Have tried to contact Jamie, and left voicemail msg, sent text and email for Jamie to contact IKR. Jamie contact us from email sent, as her phone plan had run out. She was so very excited as she lost the keys yesterday on the bus and had never lost keys before, so was panicking about what to do. She was so very grateful for the Barton Motors key-tag as this has allowed her to get her keys back so quickly. She will collect from the Bus Company today.”

“Keys handed into Surfers Paradise Police Station Qld. Contacted Kyle and he confirmed he had lost these approx. 2 weeks ago near Post Office at Surfers Paradise. He thought he would not see them again, so very happy to have the keys returned. He will collect directly from Police Station today.”

It is simple, it is easy, and it is free to you. Just our way to say thank you for choosing Bartons.