Vehicle Maintenance

Keep your pride and joy running at its best!

Preventative Maintenance will save you money in the long run and keeps your vehicle running smoothly in between service intervals.


  • Check air pressure on a weekly basis to ensure safety (including spare) - you'll never know when you might have run over something
  • Correct tyre pressures will reduce fuel consumption and increase tyre life
  • Correct air pressure are shown on your vehicle's type placard or in the owner's handbook
  • Do not drive on a flat tyre more than is required to safely stop - can cause further damage to the tyre and rim

What to look out for:

  • TyresCord or fabric is showing
  • Tyre wear is down to tread depth indicators - 1.5 mm of tread left on tyre
  • Tread or sidewall of tyre has been split, cut, sliced or cracked
  • Tyre has a bump or bulge in it
  • Tyre has been punctured by foreign object such as a nail - do not attempt to remove
  • Ensure your tyres are rotated regularly to maximise tyre life

Washer Fluids

Top up washer fluids fortnightly, for best results add the specified amount of washer fluid (as found in your handbook)

Air Conditioning

  • Air conditioning (when switched on) relies on power emitted from the engine, in this case you will notice a small decrease in engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption
  • Ensure that the air conditioning is operated at least once every two weeks (even in winter) for about 5 - 10 mins to enable components inside the air conditioning unit to be lubricated
  • A slight hissing sound may be heard inside cabin area when air conditioning is turned off, this is normal operation
  • If air conditioning is not cooling efficiently, do not attempt to rectify yourself, all work must be carried out by an ARC accredited repairer - see your dealer


  • Check levels weekly
  • Check level when engine is warm
  • Check level with vehicle on flat / level surface
  • Allow the vehicle to sit for a few minutes before checking the oil level
  • Use only specified grades of oil as per log book for top up
  • The use of supplemental additives in your oil is not specified in your log book and may therefore increase your running costs this could also lead to detrimental operation of your vehicle

Engine Coolant

  • Check levels weekly
  • If required top up coolant using specified coolant, this is mixed at a specified ratio using clean fresh water as per log book specifications
  • Do not top up coolant beyond maximum specified level
  • If you are frequently topping up coolant every week, see your dealer as you may have developed a leak in the cooling system


  • Brake fluid will deteriorate over time as it absorbs moisture in the air and heat from the vehicle’s braking system
  • The fluid will become contaminated and therefore lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid, this can also lead to corrosion of the braking system components
  • Changing the brake fluid regularly avoids these problems and helps flush out contaminates from the braking system

Reasons to contact your dealer:

  • Service BaySpongy brake pedal
  • Increased brake pedal travel
  • Brake fluid leaking
  • Brake fluid discoloured / burnt odour emitted
  • Brakes seizing / pulling to one side
  • Pulsating vibrations when applying brake pedal
  • Abnormal grinding noise heard
  • Changing the brake fluid regularly avoids these problems and helps flush out contaminates from the braking system

Wheel Alignment

  • Ensure your vehicle has regular wheel alignments, this will assist in reducing fuel consumption and tyre wear
  • This will also improve handling and general drive abiltiy of your vehicle

Reasons to contact your dealer:

  • Steering wheel off centre
  • Vehicle pulls to one side whilst driving
  • Abnormal tyre wear detected when inspecting tyres
  • Abnormal tyre squealing when cornering

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